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flexibility to customize

At Superior, we’re vertically integrated. That’s just a fancy way of saying we manufacture about 95% of the materials that make up your portable plant. We’re one of the only manufacturers in the world who can claim this but more importantly, it offers our customers the truest access to a custom-designed processing plant.

You see, most portable plant manufacturers offer customization, but they only control the materials they manufacture (typically just the chassis).

We don’t stop there…


Since Superior also manufactures all of the plant’s components, each of those elements are customizable too.

For example, we’ve modified our crushing, screening and washing equipment to be more compatible with portability. That might include changing its size, adjusting the weight or altering a shape for proper clearance.

After everything fits and specifications are confirmed, we go further and study the whole plant.

  • Do the processing components work in unison for peak production?
  • Should adjustments be made to the mountings for stress reduction?
  • Where can we eliminate bolts to improve speed of installation or dismantle?

Most of our competitors build a quality product. However, when you manufacture all of the components that go into a portable plant, the flexibility to customize is unlimited!

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Portable Aggredry Dewatering Washer Plant_6203x36x25 render Superior Industries

Features & Benefits


Level Assist

This will accelerate your installation. Once the plant is raised to operating height, press a button for automatic leveling.


Centralized Greasing

There’s no need to squeeze into tight spaces or walk the entire plant when you can grease from a common bank.


Motor Mount

Before road travel you can hydraulically or manually tilt the motor so it stays attached but allows for clearance.


Run-On Legs

Ditch those clunky chunks of cribbing. These pinless hydraulic jacks lift and hold the plant in position.


Superior Components

All the crushers, screens, washers and conveyors (including idlers and pulleys) are designed by one company … Superior!

Full Portable Plant Spreads

Design a Complete Portable System From Rock Face to Load Out®

  • One source for all processing plants and portable conveyors
  • Designed and integrated to work seamlessly together
  • Easily peel off individual equipment to use at other job sites
  • Self-contained power options for remote conditions
  • All electrical and optional automation designed in-house by Superior

Portability of Plants Matters in Rural Wisconsin

Hopkins Sand & Gravel goes where the work is. They relocate their aggregate processing equipment at least 12-times in a season. Hear and see the options they selected to ensure their Superior portable crushing and screening plants are especially mobile. Or read the full story.

Styles & Configurations

Portable crushing plants

Liberty® Jaw Plants | Superior Industries

Liberty® Jaw Plants

Side Feed

Rear Feed

Jaw/Screen Combo

Patriot® Cone Plants | Superior Industries

Patriot® cone Plants

Closed Circuit

Rear Feed/Rear Discharge

Rear Feed/Front Discharge

Rear Feed/Side Discharge

Rear Discharge

Sentry™ HSI Plants | Superior Industries

Sentry® HSI Plants

Side Feed

Rear Feed

Valor® VSI Plants | Superior Industries

Valor® vsi Plants

Closed Circuit

Rear Feed/Rear Discharge

Rear Feed/Front Discharge

Rear Feed/Side Discharge

Rear Discharge



Portable Screening Plants | Superior Industries

Guardian® Horizontal or Anthem® Inclined Screens

Standard Feed

Overhead Feed Conveyor

Grizzly Feeder Plus Screen

Tandem Screens

Containerized for Overseas Shipping



Portable Washing Plants | Superior Industries

Guardian Screen with Aggredry® Washer

Guardian Screen with Single Fine Material Washer

Guardian Screen with Twin Fine Material Washer

Spirit® Sand Plant



Portable Feed Hoppers | Superior Industries

Portable Feed Hopper

Wheel mounted

Skid mounted

Track mounted

Rip-Rap Plant

Size offering: 48 x 24

Size offering: 60 x 24

Built to Order

Not what you’re looking for?

If one of our standard plants doesn’t meet your needs, we’re glad to customize for you! We’re happy to install a competitor’s crushing, screening or washing equipment on a Superior chassis. The world is big enough for all of us!

stock inventory mockup laptop - front page

Stock Inventory

Most of the time, we rely on our dealers to stock Superior equipment. However, we typically have a small amount of factory stock.

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Service & Parts

We always have been and always will be a privately-owned company. That means we can add more employees to our customer service team without Wall Street breathing down our neck. Isn’t that the way it should be?

dealer support

They’re the same neighbors you’d trust to babysit your dog on the weekend. Our factory-trained dealers are a local connection for sales, service and parts.

phone support

Staffed by agents born to serve others, you’re welcome to call our technical service team 24/7/365. (If you call in the middle of the night, we can’t guarantee they’re in uniform!)

replacement parts

You know the old saying…”square pegs don’t fit in round holes?” It’s often the case with knock-off parts. Genuine Superior parts are forged from the same steel as our equipment

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