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Portable ship loading technology requires versatility to serve a variety of vessels, mobility to move throughout the deepwater ports and flexibility to handle a variety of dry bulk materials.

Opposed to costly stationary ship loading systems, custom-configured mobile conveyors from Superior deliver lower capital investment, short lead times, quick assembly and mobility on a small footprint.

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As an alternative to costly stationary ship loading systems, custom-configured mobile loading/unloading conveyors deliver lower capital investment, shorter lead times, and ease of relocation and efficiency within a small footprint.

Why Invest in Mobile Dry Bulk Handling Solutions?

Significantly lower capital investment than highly-engineered, fixed systems.

Faster lead times compared to fixed systems requiring excessive engineering.

Installation times measure in hours and days versus weeks or months.

Small footprint creates more dock space for other opportunities.

Highly mobile conveyors rapidly move in and out of your operation.

Multi-functional machinery performs loading, unloading and stockpiling tasks.

Superior’s portable conveyors have high resale value, even increasing over time.

Quality of bulk material maintained throughout the conveyor handling process.

Ship Loading Solutions Guide | Superior Industries

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Solutions Guide

Download our profile and find information related to product selections for ocean and ship loading applications.

Watch an overview of a recently built 210ft TeleStacker® Conveyor. The engineering and product team set it up for operation on the test pad, a prerequisite before final ship-out to the end customer.

In Washington, a dual lane RazerTail® Truck Unloader is paired with a series of jump conveyors which ultimately discharge to a TeleStacker® Conveyor. The TeleStacker Conveyor is designed to load both ships and barges.

In North Charleston, South Carolina, Carver Companies constructed a brand new container port. Learn how the team at Carver use a Zipline® Conveyor, (3) TeleStacker® Conveyors and a Trailblazer® Portable Groundline.

Located in Jacksonville, FL these four Superior machines work around the clock to load this vessel full of wood chips to be delivered to Turkey.

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TeleStacker® Conveyor

Continuously feed multiple hatches from the same feedpoint

Achieve up to 45% more extension than some competitive conveyors

Move inline, transversely and radially for fast and efficient relocation.

Load, unload and stockpile with a single machine

Maintain tight spec of material from ship to stockpile.

Highest capacity radial telescopic conveyors on the planet.

featured equipment

RazerTail® Truck Unloader

Unload belly dump, end dump or side dump trucks.

Transfer dry bulk to ship loading equipment to avoid double handling.

Truck cycle times as low as two minutes.

Patented self-cleaning ramps dump overflow material to hopper.

Quickly transition from mobile to working mode in minutes.

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Trailblazer Conveyor | Superior Industries

Trailblazer® Conveyor

500’ (152m) portable overland conveyor

Install or dismantle system in hours

Suited for temporary or portable sites

Zipline Conveyor | Superior Industries

Zipline® Conveyor

Pre-engineered, modular overland conveyor

Pre-assembled head and tail sections

Assemble 1000’ (305m) in just days

Razerlink Conveyor | Superior Industries

Razerlink® Conveyor

Highly mobile, self-contained feed system

Tracks, drive tires or towable tires

Fixed, folding or telescoping discharge conveyor

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