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You’re probably aware that certain jump conveyors can be packed several to a single load … but radial stacking conveyors in the same configuration? Now they can! Introducing Slide-Stac Conveyors.

One of the conveyors — the bottom of the three-piece load — also serves as the trailer. It’s equipped with dual axle tires to handle the two conveyors stacked above it.

The top two conveyors roll to and from their transport position. This rolling method is much safer than picking and lifting, which also requires more equipment to perform.

  • Lengths of 60’, 70’ or 80’ (18.3, 21.3 or 24.3m)
  • Standard conveyor width of 36” (914mm)
  • Consist of (3) radial stackers in a single towable package

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Slide-Stac Conveyors in Application

Slide-Stac Conveyors safely roll on and off pack | Superior Industries

Conveyors safely roll on and off pack

Three stacking conveyors in one load | Superior Industries

Three stacking conveyors in one load

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Stock Inventory

Most of the time, we rely on our dealers to stock Superior equipment. However, we typically have a small amount of factory stock.

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