Exterra® SFL Dual
Belt Cleaner

Double Duty

Unfortunately, most conveyors are designed to accommodate primary scrapers but incorporating a secondary system usually requires homemade additions for mounting. That’s the headache we’re trying to solve with our Exterra® SFL Dual Belt Cleaner.

It’s designed with one shared mounting pole that holds both the primary and secondary blades. That means there’s no need for a special structure to mount the secondary scraper.

Best of all, both scrapers will automatically maintain the proper tension for the life of the blades. Follow the instructions to set the tension at installation and our patented SFL technology self-adjusts as the blades wear. You’ll be able to eat off your belts they’re so clean!

  • Belt widths 18” – 60” (450 – 1,500mm)
  • Blade widths 10″ – 58″ (250 – 1,450mm)
  • Pole lengths 48″ – 114″ (1,219 – 2,895mm)



Automatic tension

Patented SFL Tensioner maintains proper pressure against the belt automatically for life of blades.


shared pole

One pole means there’s no addition to the conveyor structure to mount secondary scraper.


primary blade

Up to 40% bigger blades for longer lasting cleaning power.


secondary blade

Segmented blades individually conform to belting for best cleaning.


Belt Cleaners

Controlling Costly Carryback Material

When left unchecked, material stuck to the belt causes buildup on idlers, pulleys and other components.



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