Take-Up Frames

Tighten Your Belt

To prevent belt slippage, portable conveyors are designed with a mechanical take-up frame. These integrated tools allow the operator to adjust belt tension to the drive pulley.

Superior designs and manufactures a set of six unique designs for pillow block, wide slot or top angle bearings in top or side conveyor mounting positions. Each style includes ACME rod construction with wide threads for reliable performance in the dirtiest and dustiest applications.

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Take-Up Models

Telescoping Tube Take-Up | Superior Industries

Telescoping Tube Take-Up

Wide Slot Take-Up | Superior Industries

Wide Slot take-up

Light Duty Take-Up | Superior Industries

Light Duty Take-Up

Heavy Duty Take-Up | Superior Industries

Heavy Duty Take-Up

Top Angle Take-Up | Superior Industries

Top Angle Take-Up

Center Pull Take-Up | Superior Industries

Center Pull Take-Up

Take-Up Selection Guide | Superior Industries


Application Guide

Which CONVEYOR Take-Up is Right For You?

Download our literature and scroll to page three for a selection guide based on bearing style, pulley size and travel length.

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