Dewatering Equipment


In broadest terms, the dewatering process is the removal of water in a product by mechanical means. Dewatering equipment is designed to produce a consistent, drip-free product, which is often instantly sellable.

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Dewatering Screen | Superior Industries

Dewatering Screen

Produces dryer, cleaner aggregate

Moisture content as low as 8%

Same day product shipping

Fine Material Washer | Dewatering Equipment | Superior Industries

Fine Material Washer

Washses, classifies and dewaters

Unwanted material overflows weirs

Heavy material augers up tub

Aggredry Dewatering Washer | Superior Industries

Aggredry® Washer

Combination fine screw and dewatering screen

Removes unwanted, lightweight silts

Dewaters material to 8-12% moisture

Alliance Low Water Washer | Superior Industries

Alliance® Low Water Washer

Accepts dry feed in crushing circuit

Produces more valuable manufactured sand

Greatly reduces water requirement

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