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Advanced Nonstick Solution

It’s not even a competition! The properties of polyurethane always outlast, outperform and outrank old-fashioned elements like steel or rubber. Introducing the Urathon Return Roll.

In comparable material handling applications, urethane lasts at least 3X longer than rubber and infinitely exceeds the performance of steel. How quickly can you calculate your reduced maintenance costs?

Our polyurethane is homemade, which allows shorter lead times, better quality control and an understanding of chemistry you don’t get when you outsource production.

  • Belt widths 18” – 96” (457mm – 2,438mm)
  • Roll diameters 5” – 7” roll diameters (127mm – 177mm)
  • CEMA Classes B, C, D, and E

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Models of Urathon Return Rolls

Exchange underperforming steel or rubber-based return rolls with longer-lasting Urathon Rolls.


Standard Roll

• Urethane-based tires
• Reject sticky material
• Last 3X longer than rubber


Spiral Roll

• Same characteristics of standard
• Cleans belts as it rotates
• Complete urethane coverage


Beater Roll

• Lobed discs install to steel roll
• Discs cause light vibration
• Removes carryback material

Maintenance-Free Idlers

Introducing our new Application-Specific Idler Seals. Including wet and slurry models, they’re ideal for the same environments as Urathon Return Rolls.

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