Beater Bar Return Rolls

Vibration Removes Carryback

Also known as squirrel cage return rolls, these rods create vibration to remove material from conveyor belts. Shake, rattle, roll!

Beater Bar Return Rolls work well on cleated conveyor belts when regular cleaners or scrapers don’t work. The gaps between the bars allow material to escape, preventing buildup on the roll and ensuring the belt stays on track. This belt cleaning method helps conveyor systems run smootly.

Placing these rolls near the main pulley of your conveyor will cause any loose material to fall off the belt, then land onto the pile.

  • Diameters 5” or 6” (127mm – 152mm)
  • Belt widths 18” – 72” (457mm – 1,828mm)
  • Shaft size 1-7/16″ or 1-15/16″ (36mm – 49mm)

Belt Cleaning

What to do when scrapers can’t be used

Certain conveyor belts don’t clean well using traditional scrapers. Get to know three products used to clean dirty belting.



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