Alliance® Low Water Washer

Convert Crusher Dust to Profit

The Alliance Low Water Washer combines a specially-designed agitator and a dewatering screen into one machine. Most uniquely, it accepts a dry feed, which allows operators to wash rock fines within the crushing circuit and produce a high value manufactured sand.

As natural aggregate becomes more scarce, demand for manufactured sand is growing around the world. Therefore, producers are looking for new fines management tools to recover the most capital from their crusher dust.

Owners of Superior’s innovative low water washing system are no longer forced to truck or transport their crusher fines to a separate wash site — a historically expensive journey with lots of rehandling!


Manufactured Sand

Crusher Dust / Fines

Concrete Sand

Water Deficiency

Alliance LWW Operation
Low Water Sand Processing

6 Things You Must Know

How do you become water-wise? How do you practice and maintain low water sand processing?

Based upon the expertise of veteran mineral wet process guru, John Bennington, we’ll outline the six biggest things you must know about low water sand processing.


Sustainable Answer to Water Scarcity

As natural resources dwindled, the local government put the clamps on water usage at Rilite Aggregates. Integrating an Alliance Washer into the plant substantially reduced water consumption.

Alliance™ Low Water Washer Saves Gallons



Agitator Section

Accepts a dry feed directly from the crushing circuit, some water is added, and a thick slurry is created.

Feature02_Alliance Low Water Washer_Spray Bars

Spray BArs

As material is transferred to the dewatering screen, multiple spray bars break up the feed and wash out unwanted fines.


Dewatering Screen

Dewatering occurs as the material passes the screen media and the discharged product has about 8-12% moisture content.


Water EFficient Production

Compared to traditional screws, the low water washer requires up to 80% less water to process crusher fines.

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Animated Features: Alliance® Low Water Washer

Animated overview of Alliance Low Water Washer features.

Alliance™ Low Water Washer Uses 80% Less Water to Wash Crusher Fines

Team Elmers no longer transports fines to a separate wash site and uses 90% less water to clean their product.



Compare Alliance Low Water Washers

Max Material
Size (in)
Screen Size
(in x ft)
Screen Area
Screen Motor
LWW-41060-1201/2″4′ x 10′30″ x 12′2920082(2) 7.0
LWW-51090-1801/2″5′ x 10′30″ x 12′3830094(2) 11.4
LWW-612120-2401/2″6′ x 12′36″ x 12′39400124(2) 9.4
LWW-712150-3001/2″7′ x 12′36″ x 12′55500137(2) 17.4
* All capacities are based on a bulk density of 100 lbs/ft3 (1,601.85 kg/m3). ** Combined horsepower for the entire unit.
Max Material
Size (mm)
Screen Size
(mm x m)
Screen Area
Screen Motor
LWW-41054-108131.2 x 3.0760 x 3.622457.7(2) 5.3
LWW-51082-164131.5 x 3.0760 x 3.628688.8(2) 8.6
LWW-612108-216131.8 x 3.6915 x 3.6299111.6(2) 7.1
LWW-712136-272132.1 x 3.6915 x 3.64111412.8(2) 13.0
* All capacities are based on a bulk density of 100 lbs/ft3 (1,601.85 kg/m3). ** Combined horsepower for the entire unit.
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