Conveying Parts

We’re one of just a few conveyor manufacturers that design and build our own line of components. While a conveyor’s structural steel can be weighed and replicated, the belting is often outsourced to the lowest-bidding offshore supplier. That’s why we shed our blood, sweat and tears developing and manufacturing premium conveyor parts.

It’s the uniqueness and problem-solving characteristics of Superior idlers, pulleys and other homemade accessories that truly set apart Superior conveyors.

We like to say we use our own ingredients in our cooking … and doesn’t it always taste better when you grow it yourself? 

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Steel Roll - Equal Troughing Idler Frame, next generation idler


Idlers are to conveyors as foundations are to buildings: a constant, reliable support.

Superior Pulleys


Maximum pulley life is essential to cost-efficient material handling and high-capacity production.

Exterra Belt Cleaners by Superior Industries

Exterra® Belt Cleaners

Together, primary and secondary belt scrapers will remove at least 90% of all carryback material.

Conveyor Load Zones

Load Zones

A conveyor’s load zone — also known as its transfer zone — is the most suspect to maintenance issues.

Safety-Related Parts for Conveying | Superior Industries


In this industry, nothing is more important than the safety of your crews.

Conveyor Accessories by Superior Industries

Conveyor Accessories

The rest of our conveyor parts that don’t fall into one of the load zone, safety or belt cleaner categories, are listed here.



Standardization is key

Producers can avoid costly downtime headaches by standardizing conveyors and components for easy, cost-effective maintenance.


However you rock

we roll

Idlers That Last 3x Longer
in Tough Situations

Not long ago, idlers were simply separated by thickness, width and weight. Other than the paint color, originality didn’t really exist.

Then, Superior invented application-specific seals to extend idler life in tough conditions like wet, dry, overland and slurry.

Application-Specific Idler Seals | Superior Industries
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