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Superior’s mining resumé dates back to the early 1970’s. That’s when entrepreneur Osvaldo Baggio formed the Parcan Group in Brazil. During the next 40 years, his company developed some of those most advanced roller and pulley designs for heavy mining conveyors.

The local mining market — home to some of the largest mineral producers on the planet — widely accepted Baggio’s designs and Parcan earned an unparalleled market share. Later, the idler rolls and conveyor pulleys were exported throughout South America.

Superior Industries acquired the former Parcan Group in 2015. This merger creates a strong portfolio of equipment and components for processing and handling bulk material in open pit mining applications.

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Mobile Heap Leach Conveyor Systems

Newmont Gold

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Maximize Heap Leach Site Mobility

Customized portable conveyor system optimizes material transfer for greater stacking volume and efficiency in heap leach mining applications.

Integrated conveyors are custom-engineered for the specific pad

Speedy payback measured in more tons per move and larger leach pads

Suitable for valley fill or billiard table pads and advance or retreat stacking

Conveyor Idlers & Pulleys for

Metals Mining Applications

Double Tube Idlers | Mining | Superior Industries

Double Tube Idlers

Inner and outer steel tube for higher load ratings

Trusted in world’s most extreme material handling applications

CEMA Rated Idlers | Mining | Superior Industries

CEMA Rated Idlers

Heavy-duty CEMA E, F and G models

Steel and rubber rolls outfitted with world-class bearings

Conveyor Pulleys | Mining | Superior Industries

Conveyor Pulleys

Large pulleys for mission critical applications

Complete custom drive packages that are pre-assembled

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